Copy of Fearless - Work-in-Progress

Copy of Fearless - Work-in-Progress

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A beautiful portrait of a nameless female Sikh Warrior inspired by the story of Mata Bhag Kaur, popularly known as Mai Bhago. A pioneer for Sikh women, as well as women within armed forces all over the world, Mai Bhago was the first documented woman in Punjab to fight on a battlefield.

Her story tells of how 40 male Sikhs abandoned Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji during an eight-month siege of Anandpur Sahib in 1704. And although Guru Ji allowed for the deserters to flee, formally declaring themselves non-Sikhs, on returning to their homes they were once again rallied under the leadership of Mai Bhago.

Mai Bhago along with her 40 Sikhs reengaged the enemy at the Battle of Khidrana (battle of Muktsar) on December 29, 1705, against a Mughal force who were pursuing Guru Gobind Singh. The guru later called the Sikhs the Chaali Mukte (the 40 liberated) and Khidrana as Muktsar (the pool of liberation).

Mai Bhago was featured among three of the most "badass women" in history by the BBC on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Polite Community Notice

Out of respect for the Sikh religion we have been asked to reiterate that Sikh paintings should not be worshipped. They are instead intended to act purely as a reminder of the Gurus and their teachings.